From the moment man existed in nature,

the first tools used to live are wood and stone.

Even during the fulfillment of basic needs, the desire for aesthetics and comfort has always existed in the works created with primitive tools, and the impressiveness and value of the works made with natural materials in the past and the age we live in have been a result of this desire.

Atikons is a company established to use its experience and technical knowledge in processing natural materials from the past together with its aesthetic desire and to satisfy the instinct of being liked.

ATIKONS started its activities in 2011 as a result of the construction and decoration activities that started with Grasdek in 1995 and the necessity of a more boutique and detailed approach to international aesthetic, technical and innovation demands. Successful completion of the projects undertaken by the company; as well as the ability to use natural stone, wood, glass and metal together, it is a result of their partners' architectural education and representing the 3rd generation in natural stone.

Atikons successfully completes construction and decoration projects with its colleagues and suppliers who carry out the design and production works for the future as well as today's needs with the aim of quality and aesthetics.
Atikons, beyond only design a space, with the appropriate sense innovative and functional spaces creating concerns to aesthetics, is a company that has realized projects and applications not only in Turkey also in many parts of the world.

Atikons, with its glass, metal and wood design that emerges with the desire for transition and integrity between materials, is a company where it can find holistic designs for its customers who prioritize quality and aesthetics.

Atikons, which tries to provide permanent superiority by investing in human and service quality with its structure that is far from ordinary, strong, creative solutions, always prefers to seek and use functional, aesthetic, original and trendy architecture.